How do we keep our costs so low?

Utilizing the resources available to work from a “virtual office” rather than a standard office environment significantly reduces our overhead costs – a savings that we pass on to you, our clients. We use advanced technology and training to streamline our processes, and we also “jobshare,” allowing our individual partners to completely focus on their areas of expertise rather than lumping distinct functions together, improving both the efficiency and quality of the work being done.


Are all of your resources in underdeveloped countries?

No; we have associates and resources everywhere you can imagine.  Our partners come from around the world, and even include Canadians and Americans who might be living overseas. 

Can we get someone who’s has English as their first language?

Yes, just let your project manager know what you are looking for.


Can we combine all of our different jobs to hire just one person?

Generally, we do not recommend this. We hire partners who are experts in their craft, not generalists. This ensures that you are getting the highest quality results in every aspect of your project. After your initial meeting with our staff, we will put together a Statement of Work (SoW) for your business that outlines this.


Will everything be done virtually?

Yes. By utilizing virtual resources, we are able to keep our costs low and pass those savings on to you.